October 30, 2014

Teenage Boy Room-- bold colors and rustic accents

I had so much fun decorating and painting this room.  My son, who is sixteen, has the most vibrant personality and is so smart.  He has so many interests--science, magic, music, etc.  Because I really wanted the room to reflect him, I knew the colors had to be bold.  Adding the chalkboard painting and rustic wood headboard calmed the bold colors down and tied in some of his interests.  I am so pleased with how this room turned out.  Now if he can only keep it clean!

The chalkboard is an actual chalkboard from the Utah State University surplus store.  I painted it black and then hand painted the white to look like chalk.  It is sealed so that it cannot be erased--thank heaven.  The "night stands" are actually file drawer cabinets that I got from the same place.  Just a coat of paint, and they make the greatest dresser drawers--they fit his jeans much better than a standard dresser.

I found his desk at the same surplus store as the file drawer cabinets.  I painted it to match the rest of the room, and it turned out great.  It is super sturdy, and just the right 
size to fit at the bottom of his bed. 

Floating bookshelves and an antique dictionary stand
 are the finishing touches in this fun room

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