October 30, 2014

Hawaii Surfing Theater Room

 Forget all your worries and cares and come relax in this
Hawaii-themed theater room.  Movies never looked so good.

Complete with a surf shack made from reclaimed wood, authentic Hawaiian totem poles, and thatched roof, you can practically hear the waves washing up on the sand!

The painted sand also has real sand mixed in with it so that it feels like the real thing!

Ship Interior Playroom

I received a request from a customer to paint their upstairs bonus room to look like the interior of an old ship.  They had several ancestors that came from England and Europe and they wanted to dedicate this room to them.  The sides of the room are lined with bunk beds for fun sleepovers.  

So, it may look like wood paneling that is lining the room, but nope--it is MDF painted to look like wood.  Each panel in painstakingly hand painted with five different layers of paint techniques.  It is difficult to see the detail in this picture, but here are some close-ups.

Below each of the bunk beds there are drawers that I painted with a name of one of the client's ancestors.  It notes the name of the boat they came across on and the year that they came.



Not sure I will ever recover from this job.  We had to get it done in five days before a Parade of Homes.  I had lots of help from several ladies that were willing to sacrifice their time and bodies to help get it done in time.

Mermaids and Rainbows

I had a request from a client that I paint a wall with a large rainbow and mermaids.  Her daughter had drawn a picture of exactly what she wanted.  She had drawn a mermaid to represent herself, her mother, and her sister..  Each complete with sparkles!  So this room is dedicated to Emily. . . .

Here is the picture that Emily drew for me. 
We were going to add unicorn, but because of time constraints decided not to.

Here is some photos taken while in progress--sorry the lighting is not great--there was no electrical at that point and so I was just using my contractor flood lights (at 3:00 in the morning).