October 30, 2014

Soccer Silhouettes: A Teenage Boy's Room

There is nothing more difficult than trying to decorate a teenage boy's room.  My son and I finally found the perfect balance of cool, but not too "decorator-ish" (his word, not mine).  Soccer silhouettes and bold color blocking give the room plenty of color and a theme that he will enjoy for years to come.

"Ball Claws" from Amazon gave the 3-D look and are practical for keeping his collection of balls off the floor.   The plaid wall is also painted by hand.   I love the look of it now, but boy was I hating it while I was doing it!  It took several rolls of tape, hours and hours of measuring, and many days before this wall was completed.  

The desktop is covered with pennies and also was a labor of love. Several nights of Netflix movies.  But my son and I were able to work on it together which made if lots of fun, and something he will always remember.

I even added his jersey number to one of the silhouettes. 
 Also, a spray-painted child's school desk makes the perfect night stand.

This theme could easily be duplicated for girl soccer players as well-- 
just few adjustments to the silhouettes.  

Here are some "in progress" shots:


lcaz said...

Where did you get the soccer player stencils?

Nikki said...

Icaz- I didn't use a stencil, I projected the images on the wall and hand panted them.
It was way more work than I thought it was going to be!

Julie said...

How tall are the soccer player images?