February 4, 2009

Paradise Couple's Massage Room

A Massage in Paradise

This room was painted for a Chiropractic in need of a romanitic setting for their couples' massage room. One option was to paint a full wall mural with green lush foilage. However, we opted to paint the whole room in a muted monochromatic color scheme.

Here is another room for relaxing massages:
Simple bamboo plants add so much to this small room

This is the entryway into the massage area. We were asked to add some painted accents to their existing wall quote.


Muggy said...

I am a Massage Therapist and I love the wall painting you did that says "Strengthen your health with the healing hands of massage". Can you do this as a wall decal? I would love to put it on the window between my entry foyer and my waiting room.

Jones Morris said...

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