November 23, 2008

St. George "Rocks"!

Our customer wanted a fun loft space for kids to play in and around. The contractor built the upper and lower levels and built in the front rock shapes with sheetrock (see "before" pictures at the end of the post). We then brought it life by adding more red rock color, shading, plants and details. What a great place for kids to explore and play!

Side view with ladder--rocks wrap around wall

This is the opposite side where a slide can be added.

Upper loft level

This is the lower level behind the ladder. The shelf and storage area are painted to blend in perfectly with the rest of the rocks.

Lower left corner with lizard to the right
Lower front and inside area w/ cactus and sagebrush plants

This cactus was inspired by one just ouside the customer's front door!

An adorable lizard looks for protection from the hot sun!

Sagebrush on upper level
More sagebrush . . .

We added a personal touch by painting their
grandkids' names hidden among the rocks.

The finished project--a great space for the kids while the adults relax nearby!

We matched the painted clouds that were previously painted in the family room area



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Alyson said...

You guys are amazing! I love what you can do!