April 5, 2008

Nautical Theater Room

For this theater room, our clients wanted the atmosphere of an old ship. We painted the walls, columns and cabinetry to look like wood (no, it is not paneling, but sheet rock painted to look like wood), and added a canvas map and a stormy sky on the ceiling. This is a great room for all the family to hang out in, and looks even better when all the lights are dimmed, the sail-like window shades lower, and the movie begins. . ...

We painted the map on canvas and anchored it to the side columns with rope--it has an aged finish and really adds to the atmosphere and authenticity of the room.

Front wall beneath movie screen--painted to look like old crates

Close up wood graining and rustic "nails"

Side cabinets in bar area--all hand painted

Stormy clouds on the ceiling complete the room

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