April 5, 2008

Star Wars Bedroom

A boy's dream came true with this Star Wars bedroom. The room was designed to feel as if you are inside a spaceship looking out onto a fight scene from the movie. Threre are three "windows" surrounding the bed and one large round window across from the bed. The large planet and stars even glow in the dark!

This is a round "window" across from the bed---it feels like you are looking right out the front of the spaceship.

Close up "window" on left side of bed. This ship looks like it's going to come flying right into the room.

This is the fight scene in the "window" over the bed -- complete with Emporer's Deathstar, star destroyers, H-wings and X-wings.

Close up of the right "window" fight scene

The room would not be complete without this famous quote---printed in bold on the soffit


rooster00 said...

wow it is so cool!!!

rooster00 said...

it is so cool!!!

rbwmail said...

Like the space window concept...