April 5, 2008

Indiana Jones Theater Room

What a challenge--to make a room look like the treasure caves in the "Indiana Jones" movies. We took our inspiration from the ride at Disneyland, and the finished project turned out great--it feels as if you have been transported to a different time and country.

All the columns, ceiling soffits and back wall were painted with a multi-step (see below to view the process) finish, and all the recessed areas were finished in black to give the feeling of a cave that had many entrances and exits. The ceiling is lit w/ rope lighting to reveal a nighttime sky with clouds. The back wall has a canvas treasure map (copied from the actual map in the movie), and vines, moss, and bamboo poles were added for the final touch. It is a must see and can be viewed in person-contact us to visit.

Front wall w/ columns, stairs and front movie screen

Back wall w/ columns, seating and canvas map

Close up of canvas map--aged and wrinkled for effect

Close up of hieroglyphics and "cracks" in stone

Close up of front steps and more hieroglyphics


1) Paint base color
2) Faux finish w/ darker color
3) Add white and grey highlights

4) Add dark in corners and lines for "stone"

5) Add green "moss" and "dirt"

6) Glaze with darker color
7) Add "cracks"
8) Add finishing glaze

Final product:--added painted stone shelf, iron sconces and hieroglyphics

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